Modulogen 2 Dispensing System


Our dispensing machines are strong, modular, easily assembled, space saving and constructed to requirements.  All systems are user friendly, offer instant product availability 24/7, can store cumbersome items, provide stock accountability and optimise inventory levels. 

Security is paramount so we can offer a choice of 3 protected access options: biometric, swipe card or RFID, giving peace of mind.  We offer a great range of machines that can be easily integrated, catering for multiple sites, and providing a future proof guarantee for company expansion.

These systems give substantial operational cost savings by increasing productivity and reducing downtime giving a real benefit on investment.


Product Features

  • Space-saving base area
  • Large volume capacity
  • Easy retrieve compartments
  • Quick access to multiple items
  • Flexibility of multiple configurations (up to 5 different drawer sizes)
  • Manual override facility
  • Secure & controlled inventory
  • More colours on request
  • SupplyPoint software driven


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ModuloGen2 combines the finest engineering with award-winning technology to offer an exceptionally economical machine with greater capacity.  This reliable machine is touchscreen operated and features ergonomically designed compartments making it incredibly user-friendly.

Modulgen is available in two sizes:

  • Standard comes with 120 drawers/compartments (max capacity of 1440)
  • XL comes with 180 drawers/compartments (max capacity of 2160)


Height 2000 mm
Width 545 mm
Depth 510 mm
Weight 150 kg
Maximum Locations 120 Locations, 1440 compartments (max)

Hardware Security Options


Swipe card

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