28Level Automated Vending System

28Level Automated Vending System

Product Features

  • Space-saving base area
  • Modular design
  • Various drawer sizes
  • Flexible configurations
  • Ideal for both small and large items
  • Quick access to products
  • Secure & controlled inventory
  • Manual override facility
  • Diagnostic port for easy repair
  • SupplyPoint software driven

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The 28Level Automated Vending System is an incredibly versatile machine that is suitable for almost any industry or application. This machine is both quick and easy to set-up, operate and provides built-in reports and audit-trail making it simple to trace and account for your stock.

Why 28 Level for inventory management?

The 28Level Automated Vending System can be easily and quickly reconfigured to meet the changing requirements of the user. In an ideal world, a manual override would never be needed, but if required the 28 LEVEL ensures 24/7 availability with a unique manual override capability that is simple and easy to use and requires no disassembly.

Access to the contents of the 28 LEVEL can be restricted by the use of a username, password, biometric identification, card readers or a combination of these options. The drawer’s locks are of high strength and cannot be forced open in normal or aggressive use without the assistance of tools. The product can be seamlessly integrated into any existing SupplyPoint installation.

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Height 2000 mm
Width 545 mm
Depth 510 mm
Weight Dependant on Drawer Sizes kg
Maximum Locations 120 Locations, 1440 compartments (max)

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